Out and About with Maria Nolan at Horsemen of Eire

Medieval Magic at Glynn:

At this time of the year I am always looking for something new to do, see and experience, so I was intrigued to find an Open Invitation on Facebook to visit Horsemen of Eire and I was even more intrigued to find that it was actually on my doorstep at Glynn, County Wexford.

So on Sunday 23rd December I headed off in anticipation and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. Horsemen of Eire offers the visitor a magical experience that will take him/her back through the ages giving an insight on historical combat in Medieval times through to the 15th Century.

I spoke with owner Pam Keeley, originally from the States and a third generation Irish family with a passion for breeding and training Spanish Mustangs on their ranch in Dakota. Pam spoke animatedly of these marvellous animals taken to the New World by the Spanish and quickly becoming a favourite with the native American Indian because of their speed and bravery when hunting buffalo.

The horses at the Glynn Equestrian Centre, it is believed, can trace their DNA right back to the Crusades. Pam and her Swiss husband Jorg Gassman bought the premises at Glynn approximately 18th months ago and feel that it is an excellent location for their animals and the Equestrian Centre with a difference.

Pam and Jorg`s son Jack, actor and stuntman proficient in Medieval Martial Arts decided to come to Glynn with his partner the lovely and very talented horse trainer Alessia Pagani and together, with help from Jack`s brother and Paul Reck of Goatshead have set up Horsemen of Eire – an introduction and experience of historical combat of the Middle Ages.

At the Centre they provide demonstrations of both mounted and hand to hand combat, dressed in period costume and explaining both the weaponry and the techniques involved. There is also an opportunity for the visitor to try his/her hand at some of the historical procedures and to enjoy some theatrical pageantry bringing the past to life.

Jack and Alessia hope that the Centre will become a location of choice for groups and organisations as well as friends and families and intend to further develop the Long House where people can gather to partake of refreshment and conversation in a Medieval ambience.

This has to be a new and unique experience for tourism in the County and one to be welcomed, supported and appreciated.

So do look them up at Horsemen of Eire and make a plan to pay them a visit in 2019.


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