Buddy Re-run Surpasses Expectation:

After seeing the inaugural Production I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by the repeat performance of Buddy at the Presentation Art Centre, however I was very pleasantly surprised and once again I was completely captivated and up bobbin with the best of them.

This excellent eclectic mix of music, song, drama and comedy had the entire auditorium rockin in the aisles and rollin in their seats.

A brilliant overall Production – the vocals, the instruments, the set, the dance routines, the casting and the acting were of a professional standard transporting the hypnotic audience right back to the day when Buddy Holly and the Crickets were the new kids on the block and all set to rock the world.

This isn’t just a show this is an experience – almost a time travel – as the Presentation audience metamorphosed into the Apollo audience of 1957 and rocked it out to That`ll Be The Day, Peggy Sue, Heartbeat, Rave On, Oh Boy and others.

The calibre of the vocalists was second to none with an even better performance from the main man Cado – Donagh Cadogan who quiet simply is Buddy Holly, to the extent that when the announcement was made of his tragic death at the end of the show, there were gasps and sorrowful sighs in the audience. He is a mega performer, a superb singer who totally got and portrayed his character.

His side kicks the Crickets, Blayne Hosey, Alan Kinsella and Cameron Clarke gave sterling performances with the latter proving himself to be quite the comic as well as an most talented drummer.

All of the previous cast like a good wine have just improved with time – the Big Booper aka Dick Butler powerful and commanding on stage as always and Richie Valens aka Jacob English erotically strutting his stuff to the delight of ladies of all ages in the auditorium. Karen Franklin`s portrayal of Maria Elena Santiago was extremely apt, her Latin American accent and attitude perfectly pitched at all times.

In fact throughout the entire show the accents remained strong and true, the singing harmonious and vigorous the dancing energetic and impressive with all newcomers expertly filling the shoes of those who went before them making this a most entertaining and enjoyable experience for all present.

Compliments and congratulations once again to Producer Adrienne Murphy, Director Michael Stafford and all who were involved with this wonderful show and with all proceeds going to that most deserving cause Pieta House I think we can safely say that this one is a winner all round.



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